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Diederik van Heijnsbergen

DATA collective is a platform on which you can make free target group selections. All companies in the Netherlands are listed here with their officials. The contact data allows you to make personal contact with officials in companies and thus keep track of who has already been approached and where the successes are. Whether you prefer to export and download a file or rather work via our system, you can do both. The platform has CMS functions so that you can also work via the platform.

A link with our web track service website leads also enables you to filter for visitors to your website. With this function, the relevant companies are identified and all their data and officials are made available to you and you see what has been looked at. This allows you to see the effect of different forms of marketing because the sources are also shown, such as CEO and CEA campaigns as well as LinkedIn and Mailing campaigns.

Because we as a company have knowledge about marketing and acquisition, we can help you all the way by examining the target group as well as your own resources and employees. We can also carry out the mailing campaigns for you, aimed at getting real personal contact. Here you only need to choose a target group. You can then follow up yourself on visitor reports, for example, saving you a great deal of time. However, if there is no time for this either, we can train a Personal Sales assistant and have it called via your own account. It is possible to observe all actions and perhaps listen back to conversations via your account.

Because we reward the users of the DATA collective for making mutations, we process an average of 450,000 and 550,000 mutations a month. Through a dashboard, everyone can easily monitor a target group or even customers and possibly process mutations themselves. If it is necessary to check an existing file for errors and update and enrich it, this can be done via the platform itself. Your customers will then be neatly labelled in the account.

If you need help with anything or want creative inspiration and a good plan, please contact us.