Metis Notarissen


Australiëlaan 90

6199 AA Maastricht Airport, Beek

+31 (0)88 3040304

The notary for every stage of your life.

Being your partner in security, that’s our motivation. From issuing sound advice to providing complete support. Whether it involves legal issues of a young adult, a family, (young) entrepreneur or a (young) senior, at Metis Notarissen we have a specialist for every jurisdiction, who knows all the ins and outs of the field and who can advise and represent you. In understandable language, from person to person.

Your sparring partner who is there for you whenever you need it, both in advance and in adversity. The experts of Metis Notarissen guarantee you one thing; together we are part of the solution. That’s for sure.

Your partner for:


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