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Business Link Builders

Business Link Builders is a joint initiative of several independent entrepreneurs in the euro region. Following many years of experience in various disciplines, we have built up a huge network. We are also intensively involved in various business associations and network clubs. Our common denominator is connecting our network, sharing knowledge, inspiring each other and identifying opportunities in the market.

Business Link Builders brings a wide range of (business) service providers under one roof to serve SMEs as widely as possible. We provide short lines of communication between ourselves, so that we quickly identify needs in the market and let each other know. Our strength is that we introduce each other to potential business partners. After all, direct recommendations still work best. In doing so, we act as a connector, linking the expertise of BLB members to the relevant needs.

This method creates a win-win situation (synergy). Entrepreneurs receive support for specific problems, whilst creating new business opportunities for the members of Business Link Builders.

Erik Stroink

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Managing Partner

Erik Stroink

Erik Stroink (1980) studied International Business Studies at Maastricht University and also completed a propaedeutic in French. After his studies, he was involved in setting up “Hotelbed” for three years. This hotel bed supplier became the market leader in the Netherlands within three years. Erik then worked at MECC Maastricht for 10 years, initially as sales manager “Horecavakbeurs”, followed by 8 years as exhibition manager. Erik has a broad and international network in various sectors including the Hospitality and Food Service sector. Erik specialises in Business Development and Marketing.