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The sensor that makes everything different.

Sensors come in many shapes and sizes. But all sensors have one thing in common: their many technical and practical limitations. The patented OSS Sensor and its patented application offers a solution for many of these limitations. Solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. In the most diverse market segments.

Solutions that contribute to greater safety and sustainability in traffic and infrastructures. An innovation that makes buildings and structures more solid. A ground-breaking solution that ensures that sanitary and water facilities in large buildings become more sustainable and intelligent. But also a ground-breaking technique that protects sites, buildings or public works better and more efficiently against burglary or molestation.

A sensor that is really smart. Collects relevant data where desired or required. Data with which the most sustainable and effective policy decisions can be made.

Meet the future. Discover the sensor that changes the world: the OSS Sensor.

Your partner for:

Traffic & Safety

Buildings & Construction

Sanitary & water facilities

Security & anti-burglary